in today’s post i am going to write about what could possibly be MY best weekend ever. write yours in the comment section below.

it would start off as i getting up and playing on my i pad. then i would eat a delicious breakfast of an epic chocolate tiramisu and chocolate fountain lava cup cake. then i would draw and knit and then i would go to the movies with my friends and watch inside out and Jurassic world. then i would eat ten milanos and chunkies and a lot of chocolate chip cookies and not become the least bit plump. then for lunch i would eat rice and egg curry and chole and all. then i would have a cheese toast and chocolate fountain with strawberries to dip for snacks. i would play capture the flag, kick the can and dubba outside with my friends till 8:30. i would have a lot of potato naan and raita for dinner and then go to bed.

done! now tell me ur epic day!

that’s it for now!