I like holidays a lot but most of all, i like Halloween. Halloween is a great celebration but some kids worry about what their going to wear. The truth is you can wear anything you want! If you are out of for cheap costumes, here are some.

You can dress like a vampire. All you need is fangs and you look like one without the dress.

If you are a girl you can go as bloody Mary. All you need is a gown and your moms red lipstick πŸ™‚ You smear the lipstick on your face as if it’s blood (with mom’s help and permission) and then voila! You are now bloody Mary!

You can dress as a ghost. Simple enough you can take a white sheet, cut out a place for your eyes and your mouth (through this costume you need to breathe by your mouth) (and you need to ask mom or dad if you can cut holes in the sheet) and ta da!! You are officially a ghost.

I hope you like my post and if you need ideas about what you can wear and some cheap ways to go for an option do post a comment on your problem and i will do my best to fix it.