best weekend possible

in today’s post i am going to write about what could possibly be MY best weekend ever. write yours in the comment section below.

it would start off as i getting up and playing on my i pad. then i would eat a delicious breakfast of an epic chocolate tiramisu and chocolate fountain lava cup cake. then i would draw and knit and then i would go to the movies with my friends and watch inside out and Jurassic world. then i would eat ten milanos and chunkies and a lot of chocolate chip cookies and not become the least bit plump. then for lunch i would eat rice and egg curry and chole and all. then i would have a cheese toast and chocolate fountain with strawberries to dip for snacks. i would play capture the flag, kick the can and dubba outside with my friends till 8:30. i would have a lot of potato naan and raita for dinner and then go to bed.

done! now tell me ur epic day!

that’s it for now!



lord of the rings book review

hey guys i am back with my next post.

this one’s about lord of the rings.

let’s get right to it.

personally i didn’t enjoy it very much. i read the prologue since i hadn’t read hobbits and trust me hobbits would’ve been worse. the story focused on a very plain and bland story with simply adventure and fantasy. there was no kick to it, there were no children or at least not many and to top it all off the story dragged on like your grandma when she complained about the neighbors! let me just tell you this sequel has a very boring touch and so but i think you could consider it if you were really bored and seriously had not a thing better to do. but lemme just warn you the weird old bilbo baggins and his heir ( i forgot the heir’s name) are foolishly annoying and seriously boring to read about.

well that’s all for now.



intresting and horrible history

hey guys. This time i have got an interesting tale to tell. At school you probably have to learn the history of places. Am i right? Then maybe this series will help. The series of books are called horrible histories by Terry Deary. It’s about crimes and all and the things that happened in so and so place. You can find it on any online shopping website like Amazon etc. BTW it is an entire series. Have fun with history class! Be the topper! Oh and BTW it may not sound great but try it out it is great!


say no to crackers

i know all kinds of people burst crackers and it’s fun too. but think about the earth. OUR earth. when we enjoy the earth will suffer. is that what we want? i hope not so please say no to crackers for this year and the many years to come. do inform your family and friends too. please have a green, green year!


joke time

wanna hear a joke? need some cheering up? here’s some


Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Ashe—-Ashe who?
A: Bless you!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Nobel—-Nobel who?
A: No bell, that’s why I knocked!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-lettuce—-lettuce who?
A: Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Hawaii—-Hawaii who?
A: I’m fine, Hawaii you?

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Who—-Who Who?
A: Is there an owl in there?

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Woo—-Woo who?
A: Don’t get so excited, it’s just a joke.


hope you liked it and do comment for other types of jokes or more knock-knock jokes.







hey guys. i am probably going to have to talk about blogging to some people (probably) so just in case it happens, can you please comment some tips i can give the people and something to talk about? thanks for being so nice to help.






I like holidays a lot but most of all, i like Halloween. Halloween is a great celebration but some kids worry about what their going to wear. The truth is you can wear anything you want! If you are out of for cheap costumes, here are some.

You can dress like a vampire. All you need is fangs and you look like one without the dress.

If you are a girl you can go as bloody Mary. All you need is a gown and your moms red lipstick 🙂 You smear the lipstick on your face as if it’s blood (with mom’s help and permission) and then voila! You are now bloody Mary!

You can dress as a ghost. Simple enough you can take a white sheet, cut out a place for your eyes and your mouth (through this costume you need to breathe by your mouth) (and you need to ask mom or dad if you can cut holes in the sheet) and ta da!! You are officially a ghost.

I hope you like my post and if you need ideas about what you can wear and some cheap ways to go for an option do post a comment on your problem and i will do my best to fix it.


diet food

We all like different food i agree. Some like Hawaiian dishes, Indian dishes, Italian dishes, Mexican dishes etc. We all like these kind of foo but what about diet food? I am sure the reply would be eww, yuck or something else. The truth is you can find the goodness in diet food! Go to your local stores (not sure if available in all countries but you can check) and look for daadies khakara chatpata flavor. (sold in India) It is really tasty with lots of spice. it is pretty tasty too! If you want you can check how many healthy fibers it has. If you cannot find it in your local store then you can tell me by commenting and i can try to recommend some more diet food i can find.